The eight-day adventure covered low, rocky water situations as well as some rather fast, scary rapids as they enjoyed fantastic sights along the scenic Delaware River. There was an emergency room visit, shopping for a new oar, naturally a few fishing stories and a truly unexpected 'boat ride' that kept them moving along. With some stories from past trips and the experiences of this trip all relayed day by day, chapter by chapter, you will enjoy... 8 Days On The Delaware River: A Trip To Remember
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This amusing and thought provoking collection of poems can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. It's easy reading that will keep your interest, but will not overwhelm you. Poems consist of a variety of styles and formats that encourage you, tell you a story, reflect on everyday happenings and family gatherings or simply just thoughts and reflections about life in general. Look at life from another perspective, laugh, ponder and remember when. POETRY IN MOTION, MY THOUGHTS & REFLECTIONS, has it all. Purchase Book