Paul M Donovan Jr. was a banker by trade for over 33 years before corporate consolidation force a career change. He is an avid bowler having previously built, owned and operated a bowling center in his hometown. He returned to bowling, and is currently managing a 16- lane center, the Slatington Bowling Center, in Eastern Pennsylvania. He is a certified bowling coach, a member of the Slate Belt Bowling Association Hall of Fame and has competed in regional PBA events. Current high scores include 8-300 games and 2-800 series with a high of 824. Paul is active in the community with almost 40 years involved in the local Slate Belt Chamber of Commerce. He has been married over 38 years to Cathy, with two children, Jennifer and Beth. Hobbies naturally include bowling, fishing and camping and still some occasionally writing.

Paul’s initial book titled “Poetry In Motion, My Thoughts & Reflections was published in 2007 and contains over 70 poems. They include a variety of styles and formats that talk about the holidays, encourage you, tell you a story, reflect on family events and simply just thoughts and reflections about life in general. The book is easy reading that will keep your interest, but will not overwhelm you.

The second book Paul wrote was published in 2011 and titled “8 Days On The Delaware River; A Trip To Remember” . This is the story of an actual fishing and camping trip he, and fishing buddy Ray, completed in 2006. The 8 day adventure was to cover 120 miles on the Delaware River from Hancock, New York to the Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania. The book includes some stories from previous outings as well as all the expected and unexpected events a week long trip can provide.